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GreenViaTM FAQ


1. What Is GreenVia?

GreenVia is organic pure stevia leaves in tea-cut form, made directly from stevia plant without additional processing other than drying and cutting. It is the economical choice for individuals who want to use stevia daily in their diet.

2. What are GreenVia benefits?

GreenVia is made from Stebiana Stevia leaves. With GreenVia, you get the best tasting stevia leaves with zero calories. GreenVia is purely natural without any additional ingredient. Hence you get the best sweetness from nature. GreenVia is about 10-15 times sweeter than white sugar.

3. Can I use GreenVia to substitute sugar?

Absolutely! Normal white sugar has no nutritional benefits other than calories that usually end up as excess in our body. GreenVia has zero calories, much sweeter than sugar and many other health benefits. GreenVia is usable is most of your daily recipes and drinks, however GreenVia cannot caramelize like sugar. GreenVia will also enhance the taste of your cooking.

4. How can I use GreenVia?

You can utilize this green uneven powder in a couple of ways:

  1. Take a teaspoonful of GreenVia into one cup of hot water, leave overnight. The resulting sweet water is as sweet as five tablespoonful of white sugar. This concentrated sweet water can be used in your daily cooking or drinks.
  2. Take a teaspoonful into a pot, leave for 5 minutes, and strain. Can be directly taken as herbal tea or added with other black tea or coffee.
  3. The strained remainder of GreenVia is applicable for skin facial mask and organic fertilizer. It can also be reused until you can no longer derive any sweetness from it.

5. GreenVia is very sweet. Is it safe to be consumed daily? Can it induce tooth decay?

GreenVia is absolutely safe for daily consumption. Over a thousand (and counting) of food product made using stevia are being sold in international market. Contrary to sugar, GreenVia does not promote tooth decay. In fact it help to prevent cavities. Thus GreenVia is suitable not only for adults but also for children.

6. There is a slight leafy bitter taste in GreenVia. How can I adjust that?

GreenVia is made directly from dried stevia leaves without any processing, that is where the leafy taste comes from. If you would like a clean taste of stevia, we recommend SureVia.

7. GreenVia is expensive!

On initial look, it may be. But closer examination will tell you that its worth your money. At this point of time Stevia is a plant that has to be cultivated before it can be used as a sweetener. This requires large investments from farming, to developing the end products hence stevia cannot be compared to sugar. Our GreenVia is unlike some others who sell low quality stevia. We are an established company whose GreenVia is made from selected best stevia leaves that will give you the best tasting stevia leaves for your daily applications. A teaspoon of GreenVia equals to five tablespoons of sugar.


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