SureVia Stevia

Dr. Sweet SureVia

Dr. Sweet SureViaTM is our delicious, conveniently packed Stevia sugar ready for consumption. Comes in 100g sachets, it suits the health-concious market as it is natural, has superb taste, no bitter aftertaste, non-toxic, Halal and most importantly, it contains ZERO calories!

This amazing properties of Stevia sugar unlocks the barrier for diabetic patients and even common people so we can now enjoy drinks, cakes and doughnuts minus the guilt! SureVia™ is a trademark of SteviaSugar™ Corporation Sdn Bhd. Read more here.

DrSweet Tea

Dr Sweet Tea

Enjoy Dr Sweet Tea ™ with your family and experience the unique taste of herbal tea that contains Stebiana ™ Stevia that can manage your calories intake. It's 100% natural ingredients and contains organic herbs known throughout the world. Click here for more info.

GreenVia™ StebianA™ Stevia Powder

Made from our specially grown StebianA Stevia hybrid plant, these cut leaves have a high yet stable amount of Rebaudioside A and a minimal level of Stevioside. It means that you get the best tasting, most sweet taste you can experience from a Stevia plant. Click here for more information.

GreenVia Stevia Seeds

GreenVia Stevia seeds is now available for sale!

Grow your own seeds ; SteviaSugar™ Corporation(M) now provide stevia seeds that you can grow in your backyard. Click here for more information.

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Sugar has been generally known to be dangerous if taken in excess. What if there is a better alternative than sugar?

Stevia is a wonderful, gifted plant which contains edible, healthy, non-calorific sweetener namely Stevioside and Rebaudioside. Our Stevia products have been extracted with a unique proven technology that derives a variety of consumables from this wonderful plant.

Stevia plant benefits do not stop there; its extract are proven to be 200-300 times more sweet than normal table sugar. That's a powerful and cost-effective alternative to sugar!

SteviaSugar™ Corporation(M) Sdn Bhd welcomes you to the pure taste of natural living!

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